Sunday, June 3, 2012

First Step

There are 138,435 feet in a marathon, today I took the first step.

I have begun my official Marathon training for the 2012 Portland Marathon. As you most likely know, I have no experience in distance running and my only background is the training runs I used to take (5-6 miles) for rowing when I was in college. As of late my focus was on bike racing, so I have some experience in what it takes to have extended training sessions, I hope that will extend into running, how could it not.

My motivation for running a Marathon is simple, I think it is a remarkable accomplishment and an sign of dedication to hard work. So I have always wanted to do one and I figure it only gets harder the longer I wait. My training program like many things comes from online

I hope that I find the experience enjoyable and that I am able to complete this Marathon injury free. My goal is to first of all just finish, but my sub goal would be to come in just under 4 hours on course (9 minute miles). I don't know how reasonable that is, time will tell. Right now I consider myself 25-30 pounds over my ideal marathon weight and I have 18 weeks of training to get there.

What will come after the marathon I don't know, but I am thinking maybe a Triathlon in 2013, even though I am a terrible swimmer and definitely a return to competitive cycling.

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  1. Good luck Joe. Maybe the Marine Corps Marathon with your brother can be your 2013 goal.