Friday, September 12, 2014

And Then There Were Three (and Kona)

I know it is has been a very long time since I have posted to this blog, I decided it would take something monumental for me to begin posting again, I think Zoe meets that requirement. So here are a few assorted photos of the days leading up to the day the Z-Bomb dropped and then the ensuing chaos that followed.

Hope you enjoy!

Little did I know it was my last day of sanity

 Kona says there is something different going on

 Enduring pre-labor contractions

 She is ready

 Preferred parking at the hospital

 The patient is ready

 The new Grandparents to-be


Some nice decoration touches to the delivery room and a beautiful sunset

 A new day a, a new baby...Zoe is here!

 Zoe and her foot prints, Jen knows how to rock an ink pad

Alicia is about as excited for Zoe as humanly possible

R-Nurse and Doula extraordinaire, Jen, say hello to Zoe

Papa Lee says hello

 Sleepy Baby still likes to curl up

 Baby Rose'

Grammy says hello

The new Family

Big yawn!

 Time to go home

Excited to head home

Hospital bands all match up, no baby swap.

Pop Dan says hello

The experienced Grandparents

Tutu and Pop Dan meeting their sixth bundle of joy

 Little Miss Zoe Rose!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

First Step

There are 138,435 feet in a marathon, today I took the first step.

I have begun my official Marathon training for the 2012 Portland Marathon. As you most likely know, I have no experience in distance running and my only background is the training runs I used to take (5-6 miles) for rowing when I was in college. As of late my focus was on bike racing, so I have some experience in what it takes to have extended training sessions, I hope that will extend into running, how could it not.

My motivation for running a Marathon is simple, I think it is a remarkable accomplishment and an sign of dedication to hard work. So I have always wanted to do one and I figure it only gets harder the longer I wait. My training program like many things comes from online

I hope that I find the experience enjoyable and that I am able to complete this Marathon injury free. My goal is to first of all just finish, but my sub goal would be to come in just under 4 hours on course (9 minute miles). I don't know how reasonable that is, time will tell. Right now I consider myself 25-30 pounds over my ideal marathon weight and I have 18 weeks of training to get there.

What will come after the marathon I don't know, but I am thinking maybe a Triathlon in 2013, even though I am a terrible swimmer and definitely a return to competitive cycling.

(Not me, nor my photo,

Monday, May 28, 2012

Photos from Zion, Arches, and air travel

Sorry no words, just photos from my trip to Utah (for work, he he).

Mt Hood and the Cascades from 15k feet

Delicate Arch, Arches NP

Delicate Arch up close

Arches NP

Arches NP

"Park Avenue", Arches NP

More of "Park Avenue"

"The Windows", Arches NP

More of "The Windows"

Castle Valley, UT

Zion Canyon, Zion NP

Angel's Landing

First set of switch backs to Angel's Landing

Ontop of Angel's Landing ridge line

The first section of chains

Safety chains
More chains

The final approach to Angel's Landing

The "Big Bend" from above

Zion Canyon looking South

Angel's Landing approach ridge

Zion Canyon

Salt wash valley

The Black Dragon

Antelope Island and The Great Salt Lake at sunset