Sunday, January 11, 2015

Four Months and Counting

Zoe is now Four months old, and has had her latest checkup. She measured in at 26" long and 14 lbs 1.8 oz, which puts her 96th percentile on length and 48th on weight. Can we say rowing scholarship? I hope so, cause she hasn't done a great job so far saving for College! Here are her monthly photos, in full disclosure they are a couple days late in taking

Zoe has a way of spinning in her crib as she naps

Long and Lean

Pretty cute if you ask me!

Monday, January 5, 2015

James and Christmas and More

Yes, I know, I don't post often enough. It's amazes me how many people enjoy seeing these photos of Zoe and our activities. I've said it before and I'll say it again, time flies way too fast. Zoe is just about four months old and almost double her birth weight (we are guessing). When she goes in for her four month checkup on Friday I have put my money on 14 lbs and Ky has put her money on 15 lbs. I have no idea if that is realistic or not, but I guarantee that she is in the 95th percentile (or beyond) for length. This girl is tall! Since our last blog we had a photoshoot (at home) for the Christmas Card, met my brother in Seattle (activities included Dick's Drive In, the Pike Place Market, the original Starbucks, the Experience Music Project and a nice dinner at Anthony's Bell Street Diner), Christmas, beer drinking and wine tasting! 

An outtake from the Christmas card, still a favorite.

Not really sure when I took this photo, but still love that smile.

Somebody was three months old, a month ago.

The Guitar Sculpture at EMP, yes it actually plays music with robotics. 

 The EMP had a Sci-Fi and Horror exhibit when we visited, Zoe didn't think The Alien was very friendly 

 Blue Skies breaking up the Grey of December in Seattle.

Zoe asked for a Orange Mocha Frappuccino, but lacked the funds to pay for it, so she had to watch me drink my Americano. 

Showing James all of the tourist spots of Seattle.

Back in James' hotel room after Zoe drop some heavy artilary in her diaper.

Back in Portland at the Belmont Station bottle shop and Tap room, Zoe is proving to be a skilled drinking buddy.

Zoe enjoying the sights and sounds of her swing.

Christmas morning with "Papa Lee".

She can't hardly wait to dig into her presents, by far, too much stuff was hauled home to Portland.


2nd Cousin, Emma hangs with Zoe.

Zoe Love's Great Aunt Martha's "Z-Dog" she sent her

Ky put her Candy placement / decorating skills to work after I constructed Zoe's first gingerbread house.

Zoe puts the Rose' in Zoe Rose. 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Santa, Turkey and Crabs

It's been a while, so here are the highlights...

Zoe enjoyed some Seahawk smack down of the Santa Clara 49ers after munching on Turkey and Pie (not literally)

And the next day we took her to Bass Pro Shop (Yes Litterally), to meet Santa for the first time!

She didn't bond instantly with him, however she wasn't screaming so I call that a win

On Saturday we decided to go after some winter Dungeness Crab on the Hood Canal

It was cold, but we had good spirits. Zoe decided she wasn't going to join on the boat

Lee and Alicia getting ready to soak a pot

Buoy away

A little half time refreshment at nearby Alderbrook Resort while we let the crab pots soak

Two days later, back in Portland, Zoe got ready for her first day at school (aka Day Care)

Lets do this!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fall-Time Fun!

  Congrats to Matt and Abby Lake, Owen Matthew Lake made his entrance today!

Tutu and her Seventh Grand!

Zoe's First Pumpkin

Zoe has commissioned me to create her first Pumpkin, I think her design was executed quite well, her grunts seem to approve. We have been busy visiting other states, introducing Zoe to relatives and friends and trying to establish a sustainable sleep schedule. 

Our recent travels started with a Trip to Puyallup so that Zoe could meet a few Aunts, Cousins and Friends at Alicia's "Welcome our Lil Pumpkin" baby shower. After a short layover (a few hours) we packed up the Grandparents and hit the road, Missoula or bust. We busted in Spokane (pre-planned), got some much needed rest and woke up to a nice waffle bar. Fueled and recharged we hit the ground running and "made great time" to Missoula.

In Missoula we played Frolf (aka disk golf), drank a lot of local beer, fly fished, hiked, sampled local ice cream and had a great time visiting with the Montana Flecks.  

Blue Ribbon Trout Stream and Beautiful Fall Colors, The Rock Creek. A few trout were caught and released, one by me a few more by Greg. Apparently I came on an off day or I just have no clue how to attract the 7000 trout per river mile. 

Aunt Anne gets some quality snuggle time with her favorite niece. 

Aunt Martha shows her skills as a Baby Whisperer, I took notes on the powers of a face down hold. 

Dinner time at Anne and Pat's house, Uncle Greg gets his Z time.

Four days of having a great time enjoying and doing what we can to go full tilt (as full as Zoe allowed) didn't leave a lot of time for taking photos. Trust me it was beautiful and a lot of fun. 

Back in Portland Zoe got to know a few more people and tried to make friends with her four legged future partner in crime. 

Theresa has the baby magic. 

Ky's work buddy Teddy brought her kids over, Elliot loved meeting Little Z, unfortunately getting a good picture of a young child and a baby simultaneously is very difficult.

Zoe tries to convince Kona that she will be worth the noise right now with all of the food she will start dropping in a few months and the play time to follow down the road. 

I don't think they came to an agreement.

Also visiting Kona and Zoe were Ky's work Friend Dena and her kids Axel and Sloane. 

Kona thought that Axel was good people

Axel gives Zoe a few tips on proper parent management. 

Axel does a great job with Zoe.

Sloane, future Baby Sitter extraordinaire! 

We topped off the week with some Pumpkin Carving and a photo shoot, you've already seen the Pumpkin and here is ours.

Lil Pumpkin Zoe.

Our Future Pilot, class of 2036.

She already has a 4.0 GPA in cuteness!